Could Jabrill Peppers fall to Tampa at 19th?


Jabrill Peppers has made a good name for himself with his explosiveness and versatility on the field. He primarily played on defense but also found himself on offense and special teams. He rushed for 5 touchdowns, caught 10 passes, and averaged 13.1 yards per punt return with 1 touchdown. His performance earned him a spot as a Heisman finalist.

Peppers put his name in for the for the draft as the deadline was approaching. It seems his versatility may actually hurt his draft stock. Playing 5 different positions on both sides of the ball apparently, makes it difficult to evaluate him.

Peppers uses his speed to get through the gaps quickly and find the ball carrier. When engaged by a defender, however, he had some issues. He easily has the speed and agility to stick tight ends and be successful in pass coverage at the strong safety position. He also has the tools to be an explosive punt returner.

Some predictions are starting to show Jabrill Peppers dropping down far enough that he’s still on the board when the Bucs pick at 19th overall. It might be hard to pass up on that potential talent if he’s still available when it’s their turn to pick.