The Case For Mccaffrey


Being Bucs fans we have grown accustomed to living in the top half of the draft boards each year lately. This year the Bucs find themselves in the bottom half due to good reason, the team is moving in the right direction. With that, though, comes lesser opportunities to get the guys in the draft that are the most highly touted.

One of the Bucs most glaring needs this offseason is getting a legit playmaker, whether that be a receiver or running back, now that our backfield looks iffy.

We all know about Band would love to have guys like Corey Davis, Mike Williams, and the tempting thought of pairing Dalvin Cook with Jameis again, but there is also the chance all of those guys will be gone by the time the Bucs pick at 19.

Then what? Defensive end maybe? Maybe an offensive lineman?  Very possible.

How about this guy? The guy with the most all-purpose yards in College football last year, Christian Mccaffrey. The guy is just as much a home run threat as Dalvin Cook is at running back. He is a great receiver and Dirk loves receiving backs, and he is also a top returner. All this guy does is make plays any way you get the ball in his hands.

He should definitely be on the Bucs radar if other high profile guys are off the board.