Could the Buccaneers end-up on this year’s Hard Knocks?


If you are not familiar with HBO’s series Hard Knocks, it is a reality sports documentary produced by the NFL and HBO. Film Crews will go into an NFL team’s training camp and document every aspect as they prepare for the upcoming season. The idea is to show the inner workings, and the everyday life of an NFL team and their players; Basically turning NFL players into real people.


Most NFL teams want nothing to do with the HBO series as it gives an in-depth looking into the team’s training camp, and the show is a volunteer to appear; However, if no team volunteers to appear on the series, the NFL can then force their hand and make a team appear.


There are eight teams who currently can be forced by the NFL to appear on the HBO series, and they are Tampa, Baltimore, Cleveland, Tennessee, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, and Indianapolis. An NFL team can be forced to appear on the Show if they have not been on the series in the last ten years, haven’t made the playoffs in the past two years, or does not have a new head coach.


With Tampa rebuilding their team over the past few season, it could make for great television and it also could allow the opportunity for the Buccanneers to generate more fans; However, it could be a bad thing as well, to have all the extra eyes on the Buccaneers players, while they are preparing for the 2017 season and maybe a playoff run, or better. Distractions are something I’d think the Buccaneers wouldn’t want to have.