Should the Buccaneers look at Julius Peppers?


Julius Peppers is set to hit the free agency tomorrow and in a passing league, you can’t have enough pass rush. The veteran DE  is mean on the outside and in the last three seasons with the Packers, Julius Peppers has recorded 25 sacks, while playing in all 48 games for them.


Peppers is definitely getting up there in football age, however, he really doesn’t seem to be slowing down all that much. With a career that has spanned over the course of 16 seasons, he has recorded 143.5 sacks. Sacking QBs is his thing.


Green Bay could re-sign the veteran linebacker, but word on the street is that newly re-signed  Panthers DE Charles Johnson is publicly calling for Carolina to sign Peppers in FA. If Peppers does make it to FA I would believe teams will line up to try and sign him. Yes, he’s old, but now he isn’t slowing down, this was proven last season when he recorded 7.5 sacks for the Packers


Peppers would fill a role as a situational player if he played for Tampa, and I’d think Tampa should at least make a play for him in FA, if we can get him for the right price, I believe he would be perfect for a defense who needs to focus on stopping the run and pressuring the QB.


Just imagine having GMAC, Robert Ayers, Noah Spence on the outside, and Peppers beside him rushing in on Brees, Cam, and Ryan, While Kwon covers the middle with David and Vh3, Grimes, Tandy, Ryan Smith and whomever else locking down the zones.


Peppers isn’t really known as a big tackler, but is known for sacking QBs, and would be a great addition to the team. I’m not truly sold on this idea, it was just a neat thought. Most likely Peppers will want more money than Tampa is willing to give up for a DE that’s been in the league for 16 seasons. No matter how good he is.