Colin K Perhaps?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have lost valid backup Mike  Glennon and that leaves Ryan Griffin as our primary backup, thus far. Many are wondering if he will be a suitable backup or if the Bucs should go out and grab another QB. The Buccaneers brass feels somewhat comfortable with Griffin by tendering his contract and so no one scoops him off the practice squad.

However, there is a QB that by the name of Colin Kaepernick available as he had opted out of his major contract, although Lynch expressed an interest in possibly keeping him. If Tampa was willing to pay Glennon seven million, why not pay Kaepernick the same amount?

Kaepernick once led a very good 49ers team to the Super Bowl and one score away from winning the big show. Kaep would bring an added security behind Jameis and has the experience to come in and win some games if Winston is down for a period of time. How does three years 17.5 million with four million guaranteed sound for Colin? By the way Bucs fans, he will stand for the National Anthem this season.