My game predictions. By Kevin Curry



Week 1 @ Miami: Both teams are coming off solid seasons with their second-year head coaches, but Tampa should win because I believe their offense will be more than the Dolphins defense can handle. Win

Week 2 vs Chicago: Regardless of who is playing quarterback for the Bears, I believe that the Buccaneers offense will have a field day on the Bears secondary. Tampa will come away with three turnovers and win this one big. Win

Week 3 @ Minnesota: They have similar philosophies on both sides of the ball. But Tampa has a lot more firepower, particularly on offense. I think Jameis finds a way to pull ahead late in the game. Win

Week 4 vs NYG: The Bucs are hot and feeling good at 3-0. But this is the beginning of a tough 3 game stint. It should be a physical contest, but the difference will be on defense. The Bucs streak stops here as the Giants secondary proves to have the upper hand. Loss

Week 5 vs New England: Depending on the Bucs mindset, with coming in off their first loss of the season, will be what determines how well they play in this short week. This will be a tough game for Tampa, but a great chance to prove themselves against a team that Tampa has only beaten two times in the history of their meeting.  I believe the Bucs maintain a winning attitude and despite losing four days prior, they avenge their loss and knock over the Pats. Win

Week 6 @ Arizona: The Cardinals are coming off, what they believe to be, a disappointing season. Last season, Tampa Bay lost to them, but after a 10-day break and coming off a huge win against the Pats, they find a way to continue the winning streak. I believe the running game will come up big for Tampa and they run off with another surprising win. Win

Week 7 @ Buffalo: The Bills have a rookie head coach and their head office is in shambles, but this will not be an easy contest by no means. With the talent these two teams have on both sides of the ball, there is no telling which way this one goes. However, considering I believe Tampa will not go quietly into that afternoon, and our defense becomes the difference maker in this contest. Win

Week 8 vs Carolina: Tampa will be facing their first division rival and this contest will be very interesting. Depending on how well the Panthers mature to this point will determine the outcome of this game. But that determination will only come in the form of how close the score is. I believe the Panthers head to Ray Jay only to be dominated by our pass rush as our defensive line proves to be “Superman’s” kryptonite. Win

Week 9 @ New Orleans: Tampa faces back to back division rival games and after beating the Panthers in Ray Jay they head into the Super Dome which has been a tough place to play. With their addition of Adrian Peterson, this one could keep the Bucs defense guessing and prove to be a little more than they can handle. We can’t win every single game. Loss

Week 10 vs NYJ: The New York Jets will come into Ray Jay and get out coached. The Bucs will prove to be more skillful than the Jets and plain and simple get it done with ease. The Jet’s, however, do have a defensive line that can cause us some grief and Jamal Adams may prove to be difficult, but not difficult enough to stop us from putting a whipping on them. Win

Week 11 Bye Week

Week 12 @ Atlanta: Refreshed after the bye week, Bucs are at 8-2 and the Falcons are without Kyle Shanahan, so I expect this to be a different Falcons team than the one that made it to the Super Bowl. Jameis Winston should be in a great position to own this Falcons team and our pass rush should disrupt Ryan’s timing. Julio Jones will likely have a big game, but not one big enough. Noah Spence should have a great game and come up 3 sacks big time sacks. Win

Week 13 @ Green Bay: A trip to the Frozen Tundra will prove to be tough and not many can rightfully bet against Aaron Rodgers at home. But it will not be a blowout by no means and the Bucs hang in there to make this one, a close one. I just do not think they leave Green Bay with the win. Loss

Week 14 vs Detroit:  The Lions are one of those teams that seem to have split personalities, so they could either show up or just lay down. Both Tampa and Detriot has offensive weapons and a strong defensive line. So this one may just come down to coaching and which team’s quarterback makes the least amount of mistakes. But I will go with my gut and call this one a win. Win

Week 15 vs Atlanta: This will be the second meeting between these two squads and a solid pass rush and an effective run game should be what it comes down to. However, I believe the Falcons avenge their loss from a couple weeks ago by winning a close contest. Loss

Week 16 @ Carolina: Again, this one will depend on which team has matured the most. Both teams should be equal by this point and McCaffery could be heading into the final weeks of an exceptional season. The winner of this game will be the one who comes out firing on cylinders and continues that to the final second of the game. I believe that team is Tampa.  Win

Week 17 vs New Orleans: Although this is the last game of the regular season and Tampa is sitting pretty, the Bucs do not let up and overcome every one of the Saints attempts to win. At this point, Tampa will be firing on all cylinders and make short work of the Saints and blow them quickly, so they rest for the final quarter of the game, and enjoy the fruits of their labor while heading into the postseason, as NFC South champs. Win