Jason Licht: No Guarantee that Doug Martin starts week 4.


On Saturday, General Manager Jason Licht stated that there was no guarantee that Doug Martin would be the starter after returning from suspension. As you know Martin was suspended for violating the leagues Drug Policy. Martin served one game in 2016 and will miss the first 3 weeks of the 2017-2018 season.

Doug signed a 5 year 35 million dollar contract last year and since Martin violated NFL’s Drug Policy, Martin’s contract was void. That means he can be released without any money owed to him. Doug knows that he must perform like he did in 2015 if he wants to stay a Buccaneer let alone a starter for the Bucs.

Everyone this off season keeps talking about how amazing Doug looks. He has proven that when he stays healthy, Martin can be a TOP 5 running back in this league. The problem is he keeps getting injured. So if he can stay healthy, and he performs like we need him to then Martin should have no problem retaining his starting spot when he returns. The preseason will really show us how great of shape he really is. 2017 is a BIG year for Doug Martin! Do you believe Doug Martin deserves a second chance? Should the Bucs just dump him and work with what they have now?