Too early (or not early enough) to look at free agency 2018?


Welcome to week 9 of the football season where your Tampa Bay Bucs are 2-6. What happens when your team has a losing record? We talk about the off season. Mainly about what to do to help this team get better. So here are my FA picks to do just that.

This pick will split the fan base in 2 groups, some will love it and some won’t. My first pick is Kirk Cousins. Now hear me out, this is not likely to happen, but if the Bucs want to move on from Jameis then Cousins would be the right guy. Not only does he have chemistry with DeSean, he has also proven to be successful with the long ball which is an aspect of the offense we really need to bring into play. Factor in his career high rating of 102.0 this season and an almost 2 to 1 ratio in TDs to INTs and Cousins is ready to become the guy for a franchise. As far fetched as it seems he would be a great fit. Other options are Drew Brees and Sam Bradford.

Doug Martin has been a disappointment so of course the next pick will be a RB. Le’Veon Bell to be exact. Do I really have to say more? 4.4 career YPC, 87.4 yards a game. One big glaring problem wit Bell is his injury history. So if we are not convinced that he’s the guy there are other cheaper picks like Darren Sproles and fan favorite LeGarrette Blount.

Those 2 guys I just named won’t be able to put their talents to good use without good blocking. The problem is that the market for offensive linemen is not a good one. Nate Solder is a name that is at the top of most lists, but he is too expensive for such a low grade. We can either trade for a LT or stick it out with smith and see if he will get better. Ty Nsekhes the highest rated LT available and he’s a restricted free agent. Hes also 32. Not necessarily a long term option.

Defensive line help is also a big need. Best available help is DeMarcus Lawrence and his 10.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. His salary for 2016 is only $1.3 mill so he should come at an affordable price.

Cornerback is up next and we have a lot of known names. From Malcolm Butler to Trumaine Johnson, Prince Amukamara, Johnathan Joseph,  you get what I’m saying. An option is to resign grimes and to bring in Butler or Johnson. Both physical corners that we would desperately need if we want to start a winning culture here in Tampa Bay.

These are my picks and only my opinions. I am up for debate so please feel free to comment and ask any questions you like. Until next time and Go Bucs!!!!!