Since 2003, the Bucs have gone through nothing but a period of struggle. Although they won two NFC South Championships, it’s going on a decade since the Buccaneers made the playoffs.

It’s pretty embarrassing that in-state rival, the Jacksonville Jaguars, got back to the playoffs before Tampa Bay did. I think the Bucs being over-hyped has a lot to with the Bucs finishing below .500 when there were talks of a possible NFC South Championship and a Super Bowl-run.

The Bucs have everything it takes to compete, not just for a division title, but for a Conference Championship, and Super Bowl as well.

This past season, there were a lot of injuries, most of the defense, but it has to be mentioned there was a lot of questionable coaching, including atrocious play-calling on offense.

The Bucs close out the season on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium against rivals, and NFC South-leading New Orleans Saints, and honestly, I would not be surprised if the Bucs won the game since the Saints have secured a playoff spot, even if they are in a fight with the Carolina Panthers to win the NFC South, they could possibly be looking past the Bucs.

I think if the Bucs are embarrassed at home on Sunday, coach Koetter should be fired before he reaches the locker room after the game. I think even if the game is close, the Glazers have made a decision on him.

Personally, I think it is a good time for the Glazers to go after a big name coach that is proven and has head coaching experience in the NFL. Since the horrendous Greg Schiano era, the Glazers hopefully have realized not to go after a college football coach, unless that coach is Nick Saban, obviously.

Since Jon Gruden was fired at the end of the 2008 season, coaches have come and gone. From 2009 to 2015, there was nothing but losing seasons. Bucs fans want post-season play, and from 1997-2002 the Bucs were an NFC powerhouse.

I do believe the Bucs have what it takes to get back to where they were during that time. Only time will tell.


Edited by: Harmeet Kapur