GM Jason Licht Says Bucs Are Working to Bring a Championship to Tampa Bay – Kyle Riddle


Bucs GM, Jason Licht, has publicly stated that he is working on bringing a championship to Tampa Bay. To accomplish such a feat Licht has a lot of work to do this offseason. Not only is he going to have to pull off a successful draft, he is will need to sign some veteran free agents to fill holes on both offense and defense.

Licht has done a great job of finding talent in the draft after the first round. Kwon Alexander and Chris Godwin are both excellent examples of this. Both players, taken in the 4th and 3rd rounds respectively, contributed a lot to the team during their rookie seasons.

Even though Licht has had success late in the draft, he has made some questionable decisions in the first two rounds. Vernon Hargreaves looks outmatched in every game, and it seems like he’ll be a nickel corner, nothing more. Then the drafting of Roberto Aguyao in the second round was one of the worst GM decisions in Buccaneers history.

With the free agency starting soon, Licht must sign an impact player or two. The Bucs are going to need more than a few good rookies to get a championship win, So you better get on the phone and start making some deals Mr. Licht !

Edited by Morgan Adele