A step in the right direction.


After finishing the season with a league low 22 sacks and giving up a league high 387 yards per game, the Bucs has decided to give Defensive Lines Coach Jay Hayes the boot.

Oddly, after promoting Skyler Fulton to WRs coach and Todd Monken to full time OC, Koetter stated that he did not foresee any more significant changes to his coaching staff, but this one may be one of the most necessary changes.

After Hayes arrival in Tampa in 2016, the Bucs have only recorded 60 sacks that is terrible for a guy who was once celebrated for the development of the Bengals lineman Atkins and Dunlap. Hayes Spent 13 seasons with the Bengals a team that has produced multiple players capable of getting pressure on the QB.

In all fairness to Hayes, his squad has suffered some devastating setbacks during his time in Tampa, but the numbers just did not add up for him. The move to fire Hayes has become the first major move, concerning the Buccaneers coaching staff, and as always there could be more surprises to come.

-Jay Bucs