Quarterbacks Ahoy – BritBuc


Predicting the NFL draft is more art than science. Any Draftnik with an honest opinion will admit the same; however trends can certainly help predict what a team will take based on their need and position in the draft. A team picking in the top ten in need of a safety will likely have the best or top two safeties available, the same for linemen could also be stated.

What the history of the NFL draft shows is that teams looking for their Quarterback of the future need to be at the top of the pile or risk missing out. The last twenty drafts have produced fourteen QB’s being taken with the first and six were snapped up with the second pick; occasionally in a run within those top two picks.

So what does that mean for our Buccaneers? With Tampa Bay on the clock at pick seven and for now I’ll assume the current draft order as it stands, five teams pick ahead of the Bucs. It’s probably safe to assume that the dumpster fire over in Cleveland, OH takes one of this year’s crop of Quarterbacks as they pick at one and four. Do they take Barkley with the first overall pick? Darnold, Mayfield, Rosen, Allen and Lamar Jackson are all regarded as top ten talents behind center this year so that move probably makes sense as they’re back on the clock for pick four and one of those guys is still gonna be there. So how about pick two? The Giants sit here and many mocks have them taking the heir to Eli Manning at this place, at this pick it also makes sense. In at three is the other New York team, gang green, who feasibly are only picking a quarterback; they’ve not really had one since Bret Favre was pretending that he wasn’t waiting to join the Vikings and pull a Judas on Green Bay. Four is back to the Browns and at this point three of the top five signal callers are off the board (although this is Cleveland and they could shock us all by picking QB again?). The fifth pick belongs to Denver, who after grabbing Case Keenum in free agency most likely don’t look for a QB. Most mocks have them taking Nelson to shore up the offensive line; although I won’t be shocked if they do select Lamar Jackson here to be the future face of the franchise. Pick six is the Colts, who also need pass rush help and after Arden Key failed to impress could call for Bradley Chubb.

So here we are at the seventh pick of the 2018 NFL draft. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the clock, who’s left and who do you take? Is it Nelson if the Broncos go QB? Is it Derwen James? Minkah Fitzpatrick? Is Barkley still there by some miracle?

Who do you want called?