It’s a Business. Don’t Overthink It.


The last few days have been an interesting time as a Bucs fan. We just learned of the crazy fan, who felt it was necessary to include a movie clip of a man being murdered in a car to his tweet about his next visit to Tampa. I am going to put some water on that fire as we discuss the decisions made by Tampa at pick 7.

Image result for bucs trade first round nfl draft 2018As the draft season started, it was discussed that many teams may be in the market for quarterbacks. With that bit of knowledge and the teams choosing before Tampa Bay, we were put in a very good position coming off an eye opening season. We need help, we need depth.  Unless Tom Brady had a clone waiting at 7, we needed more picks. This is where it gets simple folks.

Image result for vita vea draftWe traded back with the Bills and got better than expected value on the picks we received. The Bills were waiting to trade up after the trade with the Broncos fell through and had already decided they were willing to give up picks. That’s a win for us. Tampa had targeted players on their draft board, if there wasn’t a DT they loved in the later rounds to wait on, then getting the DT they do love makes it pretty simple as that position has been addressed.

I personally agree with the idea of increasing your pass rush makes your current defensive backfield better. With that being said, they had a good feeling about defensive backs in later rounds and had one of their players on their board as safety land right in their lap.

Image result for Jordan whiteheadThose picks are a result of trading back 5 spots. Now we will have to wait and see if the 3 additional picks as well as Vita work out. We all hope Jordan Whitehead works out as a productive long term safety, and we should be very optimistic going into this season. I know Darrelle Revis‘ cousin Jordan is going to be good. So, before writing off  Whitehead as a wasted pick because he isn’t Derwin, go listen to the kid. He seems humble, honest and driven. Go Bucs!