Jason Licht and Contract Extension.


Many fans have been in a belief that Bucs GM Jason Licht deserves to be tossed out of One Buc Place or drop-kicked into the glistening Tampa Bay Sun, while others are of a mind that Licht has done nothing short of putting his foot in the last 4 NFL drafts. Short of that ridiculous move to grab a kicker in the second round, I am in the belief that our GM is putting himself in a position to win himself a contract extension.

After the debacle that was the Gruden era, followed by the Schiano and Lovie movement, Tampa has been in a state of perpetual rebuilding. Jason Licht inherited that mess. However, it seems that our GM has finally reached the last layer of brick and mortar.

There’s no question that many mistakes were made in free agency since Licht arrived, but you can’t place the blame solely on him. Coaches want players too. Despite the follies and the horrific records, things are looking to be on the up and up.

Every year we improve the depth chart, it seems the team’s record, in flux, has actually improved under Licht’s tenure.

The talent he has drafted, to me, is easily comparable to that of the Buccaneers all-time best. (Chuckle all you want at that statement as it’s my opinion)

But, regardless of how you feel about Licht, one thing is for certain, while hasn’t yet earned the respect Rich McKay had; There is no arguing that he is the best GM since. I believe he has earned and should receive a healthy contract extension. So, pay that man!

Let Licht guide us to the Promised Land.