Should Bucs Trade DeSean Jackson?


As Wednesday afternoon comes to an end, many sports reporters have realized the situation the Buccaneer front office has stumbled upon. Chris Godwin is catching everything, including the eyes of the coaches.

So why would Godwin’s progression affect DeSean Jackson? Many people seem to think he should be on the field in his place. I’ll be honest, I said this months ago. Godwin showed great effort, great route running, and also great hands last year. He’s one of those guys that just wants to show his ability every day, and improve every day. He said that himself.

However, Godwin’s progression shouldn’t affect DeSean as much as it has.  The fact of the matter is that the Buccaneers owe DeSean $11 million this upcoming season, and they should pay it. I know I just emphasized how he should replace DeSean, but to fully understand what would be at stake, we really need to look at the goals for this upcoming season.

The Buccaneers are without a doubt planning to be in playoff contention this coming season even though they like to play that week by week bologna. Jameis is in his make or break year, and if we remember just a couple years back, this team was basically crippled while Mike Evans dealt with a nagging hamstring injury on and off for a few games. If the Bucs brass chooses to deal DeSean and free up what would be $11 million in cap space, they best believe in the abilities of the receivers in the locker room right now. Without DeSean, it would be a heavy workload for Godwin and company and could be catastrophic to a playoff run as well as helping Jameis develop.

I haven’t loved DeSean’s fit so far. I haven’t loved his effort at times, but I do commend players when they admit there are mistakes to be fixed and when they hold themselves accountable. The coaches have addressed that they can get him more involved as well. DeSean has found himself in many predictable routes and situations, but I believe that will be addressed moving forward. Also, we should acknowledge the effort on his part for taking the time to work with Jameis and help develop that chemistry that was lacking last year.

So as the entire NFL hears of this possible scenario, I’d like to know what everyone else thinks. Is it an $11 million dollar insurance policy for better depth to our receivers and Jameis, or is it money wasted that we should be banking for the future? As much praise as I have for Chris Godwin and the other receivers, I think it would be best to move forward with DeSean as a Buccaneer and see what exactly this team is capable of. We play in the NFC South, what I believe to be the hardest division in football, but it’s our division and we need to claim it. Playoffs or bust. Go get it.