Bucs: Perennial Off Season Champs and Regular Season Losers


It seems that year in year out Bucs fans go through the same emotional highs and lows without fail. It starts with the Buccaneers having a “good” off season by making all the “smart” moves dubbed by pundits & fans, and it has Bucs fans (including myself) riding high into week 1. This is typically the start of the beginning of the end of those super positive and high emotions. That’s because the regular season is where “smart” moves and “good” off seasons go to die in Tampa Bay.

Looking back, it has been the same story for almost 7 seasons (47 w to 69 L in that time frame as well as ranking above last place in the division only twice – 3rd place in 2010 and 2nd place in 2016) , and since the Bucs most successful season, in 2010, in which they went 10-6. That 2010 squad’s story wasn’t necessarily magical either. To cap it off they even missed the playoff due to a tiebreaker and missed the playoffs in 2016, due to a loss to the Cowboys. Even though the 2010 team did what most recent Bucs squads couldn’t, they got double-digit wins.

Could this year be different though? Well it could, in fact, be the year where they could actually be a really good team vying for the rights to be NFC South division champs, and there are many reasons why. The offense as a whole is one of the most talented rosters in recent years. It’s an offense where you have a franchise QB, strong group of pass catchers, and a competitive backfield. The new look defense also looks a lot stronger as well after a revamped line that includes JPP, Curry, Vea alongside McCoy. Also, don’t forget the talented LB group and a DB unit that looks like its arrow is pointing up this off season. If there was any year, provided they stay healthy, that they could string together a strong year, it’s this season. This could finally be the year where the Bucs flip the normal off season/regular season script.

If the 2018 season, though, is a repeat of seasons past, look for vacancies to open up in the Bucs coaching staff. The firing wave could be as small as just getting rid of Mike Smith to firing Koetter and his whole staff. If the allergic reaction to winning keeps up into the 2019 season, look for a good cleaning out of the front office. I would bet though that the Bucs do steer clear from another lackluster season, and finally end their long playoff drought this season.