Another Tough Schedule for 2018


Training camp is fast approaching and teams are starting to take a closer look at the schedules they will face once the season begins. CBS’ Sports Pete Prisco did his predictions for every game this coming season and unfortunately, it almost seems like it’s on repeat for us Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans.

If you recall last year, besides injuries, there were at least a handful of games the team lost that were within 3-5 pts. One possession games. Those losses eliminated us from any relevancy last year and hopefully, with this coming season we can improve on winning those close contests.

After looking over Mr. Prisco’s predictions he has us finishing the season at 6-10. Let’s be clear right now, that would be an extremely big letdown to this team if they were to finish like that. The reason I stress that is this, a 1 point loss week 1 to the Saints, a 1 point loss week 4 to the Bears, a 1 point loss week 8 to Cincinnati as well as two, four-point losses to the Falcons week 6 and the Panthers week 9.  That is 5 losses within 4 points. We need at least three of those to end in a victory for this team if they want to get a sniff of the playoffs.

For those keeping track, the wins predicted were week 3 against Pittsburgh, which will be a heavily anticipated game. Week 7 against the Browns, week 10 against the Redskins, and then a 3 game win streak from week 12 to 14 against San Fran, Carolina, and the Saints.

After witnessing us lose 3 in a row from week 14 to 16 last year by 3 points in each game, the fans will be eager to see this team come away with more come from behind wins rather than losses. It could be our only ticket to the playoffs.