Strength in Numbers


When you look at a starting defense, it can give you hope, one glance at the depth behind that can destroy that hope. The golden rule is always starting your best players, give them the most snaps and the greater chance to cause damage. Hopefully there won’t be too much of a drop off when the 2nd and 3rd stringers go through the rotation.

This brings me to the thing that I absolutely LOVE about this new Tampa Bay defensive line. Go ahead each of you reading this and comment with your starting four guys. My guess is that not many of you will agree on a set line! The choices in the middle are Mitch Unrein, Vita Vea, Gerald McCoy, and Beau Allen. On the edges you can choose from JPP, a now fully fit Noah Spence, Vinny Curry, William Gholston and if Unrein didn’t make it in your choice for DT he can play outside. Want to slide JPP inside? Sure let’s do it!

The combinations and possibilities make the mind boggle and the mouth drool; they most likely will give Defensive Coordinators a huge headache before and during games.

Based on the players available and the skills they bring to the table, this D line can rotate something every different snap and be effective. The players at Mike Smith’s disposal could make this defensive line unstoppable.