Is it Time for a New Play Caller in Tampa?


Sunday afternoon cannot come soon enough as the anticipation for a fresh new season of Tampa Bay football is among us. One responsibility still being questioned is whose task, it will be calling plays this season.

Dirk Koetter, who came to Tampa after showcasing his high profile offense in Atlanta, hinted that he may relinquish his play calling responsibility. Todd Monken who has worked on this team with Koetter and worked with Koetter on other teams, spent the preseason calling plays for the Buccaneers. If you were able to watch or keep up with how players performed, or units as a whole, the offense did very well compared to previous years, although keep in mind it was the preseason.

With a lot of speculation regarding coaches on hot seats without the season even started, I have to admit it would be very humbling to see Dirk take a step back and put his trust into Todd calling plays. Tampa had many other issues last year. Penalties, too many men, wasted timeouts, and a few games being lost within a touchdown or less can really make a coach take a step back and realize he has a lot to focus on.

Hopefully, with the strong relationship between coach Koetter and Monken, Tampa does what they believe is in their best interest in assigning the task of play calling for this upcoming season. We are what our record says we are, and with the optimism of a strong offensive start to the season, and a strong preseason to work off of, I wouldn’t mind seeing a change with coach Monken calling plays for this upcoming season. This team has a lot to improve on from last year and it is more than play calling.

With Jameis being cleared to return after week 3, the team almost has a free play as far as trying something new and being able to abort that plan after week 3, week 4, or they could wait until their bye to reevaluate at week 5. Regardless, take the momentum from what we have done right for the past few weeks and build off that.