Where In The World Is Cameron Brate?


Since 2015, TE Cameron Brate has been a staple of the Buccaneers offense. Last season he caught 48 passes for 591 yards and 6 TD’s. He has been a favorite target of Jameis Winston, especially in the Red Zone.

This season things have been a lot different for Brate. After 2 games he has yet to catch a pass, and was not even targeted yesterday. With the emergence of TE OJ Howard, the signing of DeSean Jackson, and the drafting of WR Chris Godwin, Brate has found himself the odd man out for the time being. The Bucs simply can’t spread the ball evenly with 6 different high quality play makers on the field. Which is a good problem to have, even though it is at the expense of Brate production.

This writer is a huge Brate fan, but with the Bucs playing at such a high level I have to say if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.