Bye Week Blues


I’ve never warmed to the thought of the bye week. According to Wikipedia, the NFL added it in 1990 to increase the amount of games in a season so they could get more TV contracts. This was long before Thursday night games, which didn’t start until 2006, unless we are referring to the two Thanksgiving Day games, which have been around forever.

I find myself lost during the bye week. Should I start tackling that “honey do” list? Do I pay attention to my kids, just when I’ve warmed them to the idea that I would not be available on Sundays from the first week of September to the Super Bowl? I do, however, keep my options open with regards to watching any other games that may be on, especially if it is one where another NFC South opponent is getting their butt kicked. I’m not an animal, but because the Buccaneers won’t be playing on Sunday, I generally keep the plans soft.

In the past, if the Buccaneers are winning heading into the bye week, we’ve used terms like sharpen the edges, remain focused, reload. If on a losing streak, we’ve heard terms like lick our wounds, find our focus, make some changes. Either way, what I hear is that the one thing I look forward to each NFL Sunday, watching Buccaneers’ football, is not going to happen. So I sulk and pout and make myself watch NFL Gameday, even though I am half ignoring in protest.

This Sunday, maybe I’ll take my son out in the yard and continue helping him perfect the spiral. Oh, and grow a beard. Just sayin’….