Dirk Koetter Confirms Bucs Are Looking in to Trades Possibilities.


During Dirk Koetter’s press conference on Thursday, he was asked if he and GM Jason Licht had discussed any trade possibilities. His reply verifies that yes they are actively looking into trade possibilities.

“Jason and his staff are working on that. Jason has talked to me about a couple guys, but I personally am not involved in that right now other than to listen to whatever they want to tell me because we’re busy doing our other thing. I can assure you that Jason’s looking into all avenues and it’s his job to make decisions that are best for the Bucs. I trust him to make those decisions because he’s good at that.”

Despite the confirmation that Bucs GM is actively looking into trade possibilities, the vagueness leaves many, including myself, as to whether or not they are seeking to fill a position of need or to trade a current player for draft picks for the future.

I hope that Jason Licht is actively seeking to fill positions of need as the secondary can certainly use some help.

Who do you think the Buccaneers should trade for and who do you think the Buccaneers should trade?