Ferg’s follow-up and my first Bucs game experience



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The Sports Web and Bucs Report recently held a LIVE show event at Ferg’s Sports bar in St. Petersburg Florida, on November 17th. I was in attendance, along with my husband, Ken, and my fellow Bucs Report colleagues, Keith Larson and Ray Kennedy. The Sports Web’s, Peter Blake was there with Sean The Sports Don, along with Leo Haggerty and Travis Failey. We had Bucs Report fans in the audience and the Buccaholics came out to the event as well!

It was an afternoon of meet and greets, good food, drinks and of course Buccaneers Football talk.

Driving over from the Florida East coast, I decided it best to stay the weekend and see much of what the St. Petersburg and Tampa area has to offer. First off, Ferg’s Sports Bar, it was my first time in St. Pete, and my first time at Ferg’s, I must say, the place definitely did not disappoint! The atmosphere just makes you feel right at home, and makes you want to order a pitcher, pull up a stool and hang out awhile. The food was all phenomenal, and the service there was prompt and friendly.  If you are ever over that way and looking for a great place to eat and watch a game, I highly recommend Ferg’s.

The LIVE show that The Sports Web put on from 3-6 was fun to watch and kept you interested in what they had to say and I realized how much work goes on behind the scenes to make the shows they put on a success. They all worked really well together and the back-and-forth banter kept it light, and kept their listeners/watchers engaged.

If you missed out on attending the November event, no worries! Please join us on December 15th at Ferg’s for the second live remote.

The next day, before checking out of our hotel, I got a call and was asked if we were interested in attending the Bucs/Redskins game. To which I replied, “Of course!” In all of my years as a fan, I had never had the chance to attend an actual game. So, you can imagine my excitement at the opportunity to do so. We cancelled our other plans for the day and I couldn’t get in the car fast enough. Even though I have been to Ray Jay for other events, the feeling when walking up to the game was one that is hard to describe.

We did get a bit lost when we got into the stadium though, because the tickets we received were club level, and you have to take an escalator to get there, apparently, so we spent quite a bit of time asking around before we were guided in the right direction. Once in there though, we were amazed at the venue, and could not believe we were actually there. Our seats were great, right at the 10 yard line, and close enough to where we could see clearly the players on the field.

It was the Salute to Service game and it was heartwarming to see our military be recognized and appreciated throughout the game. Coming from a family full of military men and women, and knowing the sacrifices that are made by these brave people and their families, being there to experience that brought tears to my eyes.

Despite the loss, and the smack talk I received from the Redskins fans in my family, it was awesome hearing the cannons fire and seeing the team play in person. It was also exciting to be a part of the crowd, cheering, booing at times, and calling plays from my seat, that I do not think the guys heard, considering they did not win. We had a good time hanging out in the club lounge as well. It is definitely an experience I will never forget! I cannot wait to attend my next game. The only thing that would have made the experience better would have been seeing them make a touchdown. But the ball was literally dropped on that dream, this time at least. It was a tough game to watch, and people began getting up and leaving just a few minutes into the 4th quarter. I was determined to stay put and see the game all the way through, and hoping the Bucs could turn it around at the last minute. They didn’t, unfortunately.

As we headed to our car, I had the chance to come face to face with QB, Jameis Winston and LB Devonte Bond, as they were signing autographs, and I did see Mike Evans as he got into his car after seemingly sneaking past the crowd.  I did not expect this, so that was a nice way to end a great weekend and head back home. My youngest daughter who is a huge Mike Evans fan thinks I am the coolest Mom ever now. So all in all, last weekend was a definite success!




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