A Poor Inheritance


When the 2018 season is over, the Bucs will head into the post season with a top draft pick, likely the top 4, and a whole new front office and coaching staff. But what then? This isn’t a deep draft class, and one player isn’t going to fix this team. What happens to the roster with the next group in command? It’s not pretty viewing at all. For sanity’s sake I’ve listed the only players who should be on the roster at season’s end. Consider the rest cut as it’s unlikely they hold trade value.

Offense Roster
Mike Evans – Elite receiver and affordable
OJ Howard – Potential to be elite and rookie contract
Ali Marpet – The only player able to play on O-line
Chris Godwin – Elite potential and rookie contract

Defensive Roster
Vita Vea – Only on list due to rookie contract
MJ Stewart – Only on list due to rookie contract

Out of the present roster only 6 players make the cuts. The rest are not deserving of a place on an NFL roster. By no means do the players cut need to stop playing football—I’m sure many will find a home on another team. It’s just that they’ve either shown they aren’t going to help the team rebuild or their contract isn’t conducive for the future.

This could be a long rebuild ahead, and, as previously mentioned, this isn’t a deep draft, so no team is going to be giving away premium picks to move up. That takes away one avenue for rebuilding a competitive team. Free agency is a similar story without young players who can build a core.

The biggest problem to any new regime will be how to make this team competitive again. Fans need expectations tapered as this could be a long one. Next year the fan base should be focused on whether the team is improving rather than the win-loss column. With high draft picks talent will come to the team, as it did with Cleveland and Jacksonville. The team just needs a firm coaching staff and a front office that will be patient and support them.