Weather or Not You Believe


A major winter storm will hit the eastern US this weekend and pull the temperatures here in Tampa Bay back into the mid 40’s by Tuesday. This has been your weather forecast.

All right, I didn’t make that point because I fancy myself the next Paul Dellagatto. I made it because the weather on Sunday may be such that it will have an impact on the game. Both teams will be facing the same elements, but this does not stop a Buccaneer fan from speculating on how bad weather could help us win our 3rd game in a row. For the record, there is absolutely no scientific proof of the points I’m about to make, but when the heck has that ever stopped me before?

In his 18th season, Drew Brees has proven himself quite the competitor. In fact, a colleague of mine here at, Daniel Beebe, wrote a piece this week making a case for the Saints’ signal caller to be right up near the top in G.O.A.T. discussions. I tend to agree. For the sake of my climate-controlled forecast, I would like to point out that a muddy field could cause a collapsing pocket for both offenses. In this regard, the legs of a scrambling 24-year-old quarterback, in theory, could be better that those of a 39-year-old. I know that Brees is well conditioned and wanting revenge for week 1, but how much do you risk your players in bad conditions when you already have a punched ticket for the post season?

If a windy, wet, muddy day will in any way help our Buccaneers get to 6-7, then let’s grab our ponchos and head over to the stadium. Truth is we are long overdue for a rumbling, stumbling, bumbling type of game. There be storm clouds ahead and may they not break until Sunday night.