Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Four Possible Replacements for Dirk Koetter


As you probably know by now, it is week 17 of the 2018 NFL Season. You also may be wondering if the head coach of your favorite team will have a job come Monday morning. For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that rings truer than for any other team right now. There is some serious talk that the Bucs will fire Dirk Koetter as early as Monday. On the flip side, there has been some talk of late that he could stay another year. Assuming they do fire him, who could take his place? We look at four candidates.

Todd Monken – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Monken is the current OC of the Bucs. If not for him, the Buccaneers’ offense could be one of the worst in the NFL. During the times in which he has called the games, the Buccaneer offense has been top in the league. Monken has also been good for Jameis Winston. If the Bucs are content to keep the young, troubled QB around, maybe staying in-house is the best move.

Eric Bieniemy – Kansas City Chiefs

Bieniemy is one of the hottest names in the head coaching market. Currently, he is the offensive coordinator for Andy Reid on the Kansas City Chiefs and has been through the ranks. He has gone from being a position coach in college to an OC in the pros. Bieniemy also comes from a good coaching tree, having coached under Andy Reid, Gary Barnett, and Jon Embree. Maybe bringing a fresh new look could be what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need.

Dave Toub – Kansas City Chiefs

Toub is another hot candidate. He has interviewed for multiple head coaching openings. Toub also brings a viable coaching background to the forefront. During his tenure in the NFL, Toub has coached some of the best special team units in the league. He is currently the Assistant Head Coach under Andy Reid.

Mike McCarthy – Unemployed

McCarthy brings a QB background to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was the primary catalyst behind the growth of Aaron Rodgers. Bringing him in may be the ideal scenario for the growth of Jameis Winston. In addition, bringing in a coach like McCarthy would offer experience, something they have not had since they let go of Lovie Smith.

Whom would you like to see as the next head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Leave a comment below.

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