Breaking News: HC Dirk Koetter Fired


It has been reported via Adam Schefter that Dirk Koetter has been dismissed via ESPN sources.

Anyone remotely aware of the Bucs tumultuous season knew that this day was coming, and today is that day. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have officially fired head coach Dirk Koetter after was seemed to be a promising season turned dumpster fire. It has been a season of almost’s and so close yet so far. It has been frustrating for players, coaches, fans, and the entire organization. It finally came to a head today though, and the Glazers saw enough in three seasons to know Koetter was not the answer to fix the Bucs woes.

Interestingly enough Dirk Koetter was named as one of the top head coaches to be fired by the end of the 2018 regular season. Many fans in Tamp Bay clamored on social media in their disagreement with such a notion. As they, like most in the Bay  area, felt that the Bucs were primed to take a step forward. Maybe even make the playoffs to end an 11 year drought. The odds makers were right, and the Koetter era is officially over. 

What is next for the Tampa Bay Bucs? What head coaching candidates should they be looking at? Will the look at McCarthy, Jim Harbaugh, or an up and coming coordinator? And how far is this team from being relevant again? Unfortunately at this moment there are more questions than answers for this Bucs team.


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