Arians: Current Players Can Thrive in Our Defense


During yesterday’s introductory press conference for HC Bruce Arians, he was asked about a defensive scheme change from 4-3 to 3-4,which was mainly focused on players like Lavonte David, who has played the WILL linebacker position his entire time in Tampa. Arians’ response?

“Oh, I think he’ll be a GREAT inside linebacker for us.”

He went on to tell the media after the press conference that the current players on defense can thrive in their defense. He also made mention that,

“our defense will be what our players do best…. I tell my coaches, tell me what our players can do [rather than what they can’t].”

This goes along with everything that has been said in reports from now DC Todd Bowles, that he and Arians philosophy is to use a variety of schemes. And wants to fit his players’ strengths to the packages. Not the other way around.

Going into this off-season there is a ton of optimism in Tamp Bay after Licht and Co. brought Arians and his reputable coaching staff with him. Especially with the addition of DC Todd Bowles, who is seen as a top-tier defensive coordinator in the league. It remains to be seen though if he can take a defense, who perennially has had the “woeful” moniker, into a formidable unit.

View the full Arians conference HERE.