Can the Bucs win now? YES!!!


The Buccaneers have the man they always wanted the entire time, “Bucco” Bruce Arians.  He claims that the Bucs can be a quick fix based on what was seen last season.  I think he can fix this, and get this team turned around very quickly.

Lets look at last season, the Bucs lost 7 games last season by 1 score and we all saw the issues in so many of those loses.  The defense, so many times, played so passive that Bucs fans knew there was no way the team was going to make a stop. The offense on some Sunday’s was the number 1 bakery in NFL handing out turnovers for free.  If this coaching staff can do what they have done in the past, then yes these close games can go in another direction. This staff, when they were together in Arizona, did win and that is something the Bucs are not doing consistently right now.

This year, 9-7 would have gotten the Bucs into the playoffs and yes would have had the tie breaker with the Eagles. Instead they sat at 5-11 again. In the NFL, every year a team goes from awful to a playoff team. This years examples are the Bears and Colts. Those teams got new coaches, and they where playoff teams this past season. The key to this team is they have to learn how to win, and that what this coaching staff has to do.

In the NFL winning is so hard and comes down to so many times to just one or two plays in a game.  This coaching staff has its works cut out for them, but is it impossible to end this team’s playoff drought? No, but they must learn how to win. The winning has to start now during this off-season by addressing some of the holes and as well as getting rid of the dead weight that may hinder the locker room.

The Bucs have a talented roster and now have the coaching staff to match it. As a result, the Bucs have to learn how to win everyday before the 2019 season starts. Can it be done? Yes it can!