Stuff & Things


And just like that, it was gone!

The 2018/19 NFL Season ended with the New England Patriots defeating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in what many considered the worst Super Bowl of all time.
So that’s it! That’s a wrap! Let’s move on to next season already, right? Not so fast.

This season had many, many interesting moments, but I’m here today to look back at the Buccaneers’ season. Or at least some of the interesting parts.

I could write a long, drawn out story about a team that jumped out of the gate fast but struggled to stay competitive throughout the season. Instead I’d rather just start a list of observations. Call it a list of stuff I think is the reason things went wrong and, in some cases, right.

“Stuff & Things”
1. Winston suspended 3 games was an “Uber” setback for the team.
2. FitzMagic bursts on the scene.
3. DeSean is happy.
4. How does Mike Smith have a job?
5. Rojo is a no go.
6. Vea is a no go.
7. FitzTragic bursts on the scene.
8. DeSean isn’t happy.
9. Winston struggles in return—needs a Lyft.
10. Humphries is always open.
11. DeSean isn’t happy.
12. Conte got Thanos’d.
13. Blocking isn’t our strong suit.
14. Kicking hates us.
15. Smith fired because…DUH.
16. Wow, Rojo is bad.
17. Thank God Vea isn’t.
18. JPP isn’t happy.
19. Dirk is melting the hotseat.
20. DeSean is happy.
21. Holy crap, Vea is strong.
22. DeSean isn’t happy.
23. Offense starting to mesh.
24. Where did all of our linebackers go?
25. Dirk has checked out.
26. Duff is a thing, huh?
27. Starts looking at draft order.
28. Barber is serviceable.
29. DeSean loves Tampa.
30. Joe Dirt is a starter?
31. McCoy is tired boss.
32. Evans is special.
33. Rookies coming into their own.
34. DeSean wants a trade.
35. Winston showing patience.
36. Grimes identifies as injured.
37. DeSean doesn’t like Christmas presents.
38. Donovan loves yellow hankies.
39. Jensen hears the echo of a whistle.
40. This young secondary needs a leader.
41. JPP: ” I’m the Captain now.”
42. Godwin has been underwhelming this year.
43. Humphries is open.
44. DeSean isn’t happy.
45. “Holding on #76” should be our theme song.
46. Nassib was a steal.
47. At least we beat the Saints and the Eagles.
48. We need a “Draft Advent Calendar.”
49. Humphries is open.
50. DeSean isn’t happy.

So there it is in a nut shell. Well, a list.

The season started with a bang. Then some stuff & things happened, and it went south. Immediately following the last game Jason Licht fired Dirk Koetter. Just a result of stuff and things not working out. Which led to Jason Licht’s secretary saying, “Mr. Licht, Bruce Arians is on line 1. I hear he has some cool stuff & things.”