Draft Profile: Elijah Holyfield (Running Back, Georgia)


Elijah Holyfield, Running Back, Georgia


215 pounds


Elijah Holyfield is a junior at the University of Georgia, and most NFL mock drafts expect him to get picked in the fourth round. The Buccaneers should not use a pick earlier than their fifth on a running back, as their needs are much more glaring in multiple other positions. However, Tampa Bay should highly consider picking up the Bulldog if he is still available when the Bucs are picking in round five. Holyfield seems to be a very capable running back for a fifth round pick, especially if the Buccaneers do not believe in Ronald Jones. If that is the case, Holyfield has a great chance of receiving plenty of playing time in a running back committee.


– Great vision
– Highly instinctive runner with outstanding power and strength
– Fights for extra yardage


– Speed is a concern
– Has only 7 career catches; needs to prove he can be a receiving threat

Source: www.thedraftnetwork.com