Draft Profile: Julian Love (Cornerback, Notre Dame)


Julian Love, CB, Notre Dame


WT:195 lbs.

Video credit: SkyDesigns

Overview: Julian Love should get picked in the middle or at the end of the second round according to most NFL mock drafts. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers still need all the help they can get at the cornerback positio, even thoug they spent two early picks on Stewart and Davis last year. Love seems to be a highly decent prospect in regards of the ability to establish himself as a starter at in the NFL. If he is a part of the Bucs’ plans in April, picking him early in the third round, if he falls that far, would be a steal and an excellent pick as of now.


– Strong hands, has a knack for knocking the ball loose
– Excellent speed
– Great instincts and decent tackler for his size


– Small frame
– Has only five interceptions in 38 games.

Source: www.fullprescoverage.com