Who Could Be the Bucs Top Trade Partner at No. 5?


After an abysmal 5-11 season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hold the 5th overall pick in this year’s draft. Early mock drafts had Tampa Bay taking T Jonah Williams, but since they have locked up LT Donovan Smith in a long term deal, that most likely won’t be a consideration now.

Granted, there are plenty of other needs that are a priority for the Bucs to address this off-season. It is debatable, though, whether any players they would look at to fill those needs warrant a top 5 pick. With that said, it would be beneficial for the Bucs to trade down or out of the first round and gain more draft capital.

There are a handful of QB-needy teams in this year’s draft that could be a potential trade partner for the Bucs, but who would be the BEST fit for Tampa Bay? Even more importantly, can GM Jason Licht pull off such a trade?

Denver Broncos 

John Elway and Denver have been practically drooling over the prospect of drafting QB Drew Lock out of Missouri. In fact, he has apparently been so smitten by Lock that it was reportedly the “worst-kept secret at the Senior Bowl” this year. It would not be surprising if Elway tried to move up to grab his guy.

Currently the Broncos are sitting at the 10th overall pick. With other QB needy teams like the Giants and Jaguars ahead of them, they would have to trade up with a team like the Bucs if they think Lock will be taken by either one of them.

What Will It Take

Each pick in the draft has a certain value attached to it, and in order to make a trade work there has to be an increased value on the team trading down to make it worth their while. The key for Tampa is to find a team that is desperate enough to be willing to overpay. John Elway’s Broncos may just be that team.

An ideal situation for Tampa Bay is to trade 1st rounders and pick up either two second rounders (2019 & 2020) or a second and third rounder this year. A the very least, though, they should pick up a second-round pick. But in that scenario it may not be enough for the Bucs to move down.

Are There Better Trade Partners?

The Jaguars and Dolphins could very well attempt to make a trade with the Bucs. It has been reported by ESPN that the Jaguars are entertaining the idea of signing free agent QB Nick Foles. If they ultimately do not do that, look for Jacksonville to try to trade up to number 5 to leap-frog the Giants to get their next franchise QB.