Report: Bucs Seeking Millions In Compensation From BP Oil Spill


Early this week it was reported by Jack Baer of Yahoo Sports that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Are quietly seeking millions in compensation from BP’s settlement payment program. This settlement request stems from the 2010 BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill which ended up damaging not only the gulf eco system, but businesses all along the gulf coast.

The franchise is reportedly seeking damages that has allegedly cost the team millions as a result. At the moment it isn’t clear what damages the Bucs sustained directly as a result of the spill.

Interestingly enough the team attempted to keep the court proceedings closed. Citing that it would disclose private financial records and a public hearing would promote a “public scandal” narrative. The court ultimately denied their request to keep the case a secret as their claim were not sufficient to do so.

The Tampa Bay Lightening also filed suite against BP, but did not request for the case to be private. Which obviously didn’t help the Bucs chances.

The fact that the team is pursuing damages at the very least is intriguing, and Bucs Report will keep you updated as this case continues to unfold.