Report: Browns Still Interested In McCoy



The rumor of the Cleveland Browns interest in Buccaneers DT Gerald McCoy seems to be alive and well, at least according to Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Rep.

It is believed the Browns are comfortable playing the wait and see game with McCoy. The only concern for Cleveland is McCoy’s salary figure. Which indicates the Browns are confident the Buccaneers will release McCoy outright.

At this point it’s become a stare-down between the Buccaneers and McCoy. The Buccaneers desperately need some salary cap relief and McCoy could benefit from a change of scenery.

Will the Buccaneers let yet another quality player walk out of the building without getting anything in return? It definitely is looking that way. Ideally Tampa Bay would be going after one of Cleveland’s two 6th round picks in an effort to get something for the perennial Pro-Bowler. Of course that’s if Cleveland can convince McCoy to take a pay cut. Sounds familiar right?