Scotty Miller is Fast…Really Fast


Scotty Miller came into this league like most late round draft picks, with a huge chip on their shoulder. Miller wasn’t highly recruited, he isn’t tall and is rather frail (5’10 166lbs). But the one thing the Bucs loved about Miller was his underdog mentality and dedication to get better. Check out what he used as motivation during training for the NFL Combine.

That is some real deal underdog mentality. And that’s something Bruce Arians wants on his team. The speedster out of Bowling Green is constantly compared to recently departed slot receiver Adam Humphries.

While stature and position-wise the two may come off similar, Miller’s game actually fits more of a DeSean Jackson mold. Although slight in weight, he has a filled-out build and a very steady running stride. He’ll go from 0-100 quicker than most receivers in this league. And that is NO exaggeration. Take this video Philip Schwegler of posted from minicamp this morning for example:

This kid can flat-out FLY. From the snap of the ball, you’ll notice chaotic movements all about the field and seemingly out of nowhere Miller is seen gliding up the seam as if the rest of his team were in slow motion. He ended the play with a beautiful catch that was a bit under thrown to begin with.

The real question now is: How do the Bucs plan to utilize Miller’s talent with such a loaded pass catching team? We’ll find out come preseason.