Suh Likes What He Sees In Defense


Now, coming from a man who had his hand in the dirt next to a first ballot HOF last year, Tampa Bay should listen closely to some of Ndamukong Suh’s comments made today after the Buccaneers last mini-camp before a long 7 week break.

Having some familiarity with the defensive scheme, Suh should know exactly how his guys should be looking come this time of year in preparation to make a playoff run. And fingers crossed, eventually a Super Bowl appearance.

Earlier today Suh broke down what he has seen so far from Bucs defense and one thing has really stood out to the 10 year vet. The linebackers, the communication and just overall speed. And plenty of it.

According to Carmen Vitali, a writer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this is what Suh spoke of about his defense that he has liked so far.

“When asked about his initial impressions of this #Bucs defense, @NdamukongSuh said he loves the emphasis on the linebackers and communication. Plus, he likes the ability to get after the QB with multiple guys, including the front”

This tells me one of two things. First, the Buccaneers defense just might be a sleeper for NFL teams come the regular season. Suh doesn’t come off as the guy to mince his words. He also seemed elated when mentioning how much speed he’s noticed on the defense so far. It makes you wonder just how much the rookies and second year guys like Vita Vea have progressed.

The second thing it tells me is Suh probably hinted at being a fan of rookie linebacker Devin White. Granted, it’s a given that Lavonte David is the unquestioned leader the LB locker room. But, it has been White whose been communicating efficiently since he arrived here last month and has been the clear-cut conductor in the middle of the defense so far. Definitely some interesting nuggets from pressers today. Let’s just hope these guys stay healthy for the next 7 weeks.