Jameis Winston Ready For New McCoy Rivalry


Earlier this week, Jameis Winston sat down with Adam Schefter to talk about the Bucs offseason as a whole. Winston had some good insight, but one thing that stuck out was his response to being asked about what it would be like to face Gerald McCoy twice a year. You have got to see his response:

“He’s going to have a chip on his shoulder, even though he DOESN’T need a chip on his shoulder. This guy is A six- time Pro bowler…PROBABLY going to be a Hall of famer one day. But I know he’s going to have some kind of heat towards us, so imma’ be excited. I’m ready to hit him with a double-cadence to get him to jump offsides. Get in his head a little bit. He’ll probably be trying to talk about the Lord to me while he’s out there on the field… So I’m excited.”

That’s quite the response. Schefter even let out a chuckle while listening to Winston’s reply. Winston truly is quite the character. Let’s hope the enthusiasm roles over in September. As the Bucs are going to need it in Week 2 and 6 when the Bucs face the Carolina Panthers twice in the first couple of months to start the season. There’s some great football to played by Tampa Bay this year. Early and often.

Source: ESPN