Chris Simms Ranks Winston 27th Best QB


Former Buccaneer quarterback Chris Simms, who now works as an analyst for CBS Sports and Pro Football Talk has recently been in the midst of putting together a list of his Top 40 quarterbacks in the NFL. In recent years Simms has been fairly indifferent with 25 year old Jameis Winston, harshly critiquing Winston at times while raving about his potential after a big game.

He’s been a player for and supporter of the Buccaneers so one might think Winston would have gotten one of the better rankings. Simms, however, didn’t think so. Jameis Winston landed at 27th overall out of 40 quarterbacks. That’s not even middle of the pack. But more importantly, look at some of the questionable names placed ahead of him.

Josh Allen? Sam Darnold? Really?. Put a speck of respect on Winston’s name. No he’s not in elite company yet and no he hasn’t had the Pro Bowls (one in four years as starter) or wins (18-27 on his career) that he would like. But Winston is a very capable quarterback in the NFL. He will give you a chance to win a ball game. Plus he can do in the fourth quarter when it’s a close game and he’s not playing from 21 down. He didn’t deserve a Top 15 nod, but 27th is a bit harsh.


Sources: NBC Sports, PFT