Buccaneers 53 Man Roster Projections: Wide Receivers


With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers off until July 26th, its a good time to take a wild guess at what the 53 man roster will look like. There will be plenty of changes happening between now and when the 53 man roster is finalized. Here are some of the players that might make the final cut. Keep in mind, injuries do also occur which could change this list a little bit here and there.

Wide Receivers: Six

Mike Evans:

Well this one isn’t rocket science. Mike Evans isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. The franchise leading wide receiver is going to be a staple for years to come. Evans has been arguably the best pick of Jason Licht’s tenure in Tampa. With the entrance of head coach Bruce Arians, we should see more of the same from Mike Evans. The big bodied wide receiver already has a great connection with quarterback Jameis Winston. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a repeat of 2016.

Chris Godwin:

One thing that can be said about the Buccaneers front office: They know the wideout position. Chris Godwin is a promising player heading into his third year with the Buccaneers. Godwin improved statistically from year one to year two, and I expect the same heading into year three. This could very easily be the first 1,000 yard season of his career.

Breshad Perriman:

Headed into his fourth year, Perriman hasn’t done much in the league. Known for his speed coming out of college, Perriman has struggled with injuries which have limited his production. We know that Bruce Arians loves speed. He has made that abundantly clear with his additions to the team this off-season. Can Arians get the best out of the wide receiver who has largely been a bust to this point in his career? Time will tell, but if anyone can, It’s Arians.

Scotty Miller:

This is one that I am watching very closely. Arians seems to have found his John Brown. They’re mirror images of each other. I think Miller will get plenty of looks in the slot and outside, Arians maximized the ability of John Brown and I expect the same with Miller.

Justin Watson:

Watson has shown potential in limited time. A very young and raw Mike Evans seems like a fair comparison. Does Arians want to develop Watson? Or does he want to stick to his motto of speed. For now, I’ll leave Watson here, but come training camp, this could the first name on this list that has an asterisk next to it.

Bobo Wilson:

As of right now, Wilson gets the nod mainly due to chemistry with Jameis. Bobo has some speed on his side, but I don’t know that he is on the roster come season time. This spot could be taken by a rookie speedster. The 5th and 6th wide receiver spots are up for grabs and really depend on what Arians is looking for from the offense. Neither Wilson or Watson fit the exact mold of what Arians has had in the past, can either one of them impress enough in training camp?