CB Jamel Dean: The little things really matter a lot


The Bucs 3rd round pick, CB Jamel Dean, is having a crash course on what it means to be a pro. During this time he’s starting to have those moments of epiphany as he prepares for his rookie season in the NFL. What was one of his first ah-ha moments? It was the fact that the devil is in the details.

The 6’1″ cornerback is physical, athletic, and has all the ability to be a very good corner in this league. To Dean’s point, in the NFL it is the smallest of details that separates the good from the great. Something that has eluded Bucs squads in years past.

Even Bruce Arians has noted this offseason numerous times that this team isn’t that far off. Noting that improving performance just a bit could drastically change the outcome of games. Especially in the final two minutes of each half. Without a doubt the NFL is a game of inches and can sometimes come down to literally how the ball bounces. Too often though the ball has bounced the wrong way and the Bucs have been an inch or two short.

In Dean’s case though, he has focused in on early in his career the he will have to master the details if he wants to unlock his full potential. If he is able to translate revelations like this to the field, he could spare himself many early rookie mistakes. And just maybe start to figure out how to go from good to great.