Todd Bowles has a cannon.


Two things I saw yesterday I would’ve never imagined; Todd Bowles is a natural lefty. But what’s more impressive is he can also sling it! Yesterday the Buccaneers had a late night practice at the indoor facility, making preparations for game type situations with their first game of the 2019 season coming up in 6 short days.

As far as practice goes, Jameis by far had his best day in camp. Though the defense had their fair share of breakups as well. But the best thing I saw last night actually came from one of the coaches, truth be told. During some individual drill with the cornerbacks it was Bowles, not Jameis, taking a snap at quarterback. And he looked like a natural.

Bowles Is A Gifted Lefty

During the short clip, Bowles was seen taking a snap, without a complete drop back, effortlessly lofting a beautiful left handed spiral 40 yards downfield where it landed right in the hands of M.J. Stewart, who caught it in stride.

Not bad for a guy who’s well into his 50’s . Was the toss enough to scare Ryan Griffin into being more productive this camp? Probably not. But I for one wouldn’t mind seeing Bowles suit on Sunday for a trick play or two.