Tanner Hudson needs more playing time


With all due respect to the players who can even achieve the status of an active NFL player, who in the world is Tanner Hudson?? Now that is definitely a hyperbolized statement if anything, but the way Hudson played Friday night needs to be talked about more. The second-year pro out of Southern Arkansas was the ultimate safety valve for quarterback Ryan Griffin. The tight end would go on to tally seven receptions for 84 yards and perhaps the catch of the night in the NFL.

In short-yardage, Hudson ran a route across the middle to receive an oncoming pass from Ryan Griffin. Going nearly full speed, he had to re-adjust to the pass thrown well behind him. He snagged the ball out of the air with one hand before securing it and scoring the touchdown. Granted, he was playing against the second and third-team defense of Pittsburgh. But the catch alone was elite. Yes, elite. He is currently listed behind Jordan Leggett, who dropped a pass right in the mitts last night. However it plays out, Hudson should be moving up on the practice reps sheet this week after that performance.