Some players struggle with the “eye test”



The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Cleveland Browns 13-12 Friday night in a game that was ugly on both sides. There will be plenty of analysis articles posted about this game for all to read. But here, I’m going to use the “eye test” to point out a few things about the play we saw on the field.


Bobo Wilson and Scotty Miller are both considered “on the bubble” players at this point.

With Wilson heading into his third season, the hopes were high. He hasn’t had much success or playing time since he joined the team as an undrafted free agent in 2017. By most accounts, this season is his last shot with the Buccaneers. As Week 3 of preseason comes to an end, Wilson looks no closer to making the roster. His five touches for 30 yards isn’t bad but isn’t great.

Rookie wide receiver Scotty Miller has been hampered by an injury throughout training camp and preseason. Friday night was his first appearance and it was less than overwhelming. The sixth-round pick in this years draft posted 2 catches for 15 yards.

While this is preseason, the “on the bubble” guys desperately need to step up. These two wide receivers failed to do that.

Eye test:
Wilson: D-
Miller: D


The performance last night was unacceptable, no matter how you look at it. Penalties, missed assignments, and the ever-popular “look-out” blocks. It wasn’t just that tackle Demar Dotson was getting killed, he was getting embarrassed. The futility didn’t stop at the tackle position either.

Second-year guard Alex Cappa was frequently manhandled as well. Not a good look for a guy looking to win the starting position.

Eye test:
Dotson: D-
Cappa: D+


Noah Spence and Devin White didn’t play badly, but they weren’t exactly great either. Granted, stats don’t tell the entire story, and both players did fill gaps regularly. The problem is both players need to make more of an impact.

Spence literally played every defensive snap against the Browns and had one assisted tackle.  Spence desperately needs to have a great season. Not just to secure a contract extension but because the Buccaneers need production from that position.

White is a high first-round pick comes with lofty expectations just seemed a bit off at times. You might even say he seemed lost on occasion.

Eye test:
Spence: C+
White: C