Winston wins over critics


Seriously? There are absolutely no critics of Jameis Winston who saw that Thursday night performance and suddenly reversed course on 4+ years of history. Or were there?


What has changed

After throwing 2 pick six interceptions on opening weekend the Buccaneers veteran quarterback had none this week. What is also quite noticeable is that Winston has started to learn to keep his emotions in check. There were times that the keystone cops, I mean the officiating crew were completely inept. The pre 2019 Jameis would have surely lost his composure at some point. The new and improved Winston remans steady and even-keeled. Allowing those around him to keep their mind on the task at hand. If only he could will Breshad Perriman into being able to catch the football.

Reason for hope

Nobody is fast tracking a new contract. There are still those who love Winston. There are those who don’t. He had the “C” removed from the jersey in 2018. It has since been replaced. Tampa Bay has been looking for a long term solution at quarterback since the days of taste great, less filling beer commercials. Buccaneer faithful want an answer.

Not so fast

In the fifth and final year of his rookie contract, Winston must show Tampa Bay he is the long term solution at quarterback. The Buccaneer seem at least willing to see where the chips will fall. The win in Charlotte last night was a great start. The New York Giants coming to town will be the 3rd week of the 16 week job interview for the young man from Bessemer. It still a long road for Jameis Winston to show the Buccaneers he is not just the chosen on, but the one they’ll want to choose.


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