No Cam? Big problem for Bucs defense


Never say that history doesn’t repeat itself, because it does, at least with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It seems no matter where the Buccaneers are in the regular season they always have to play a back up quarterback or a young rookie. Cam Newton will not be playing Sunday. Which means backup quarterback Kyle Allen gets the start.


Backed Up

The Buccaneers have not played well when facing a back up quarterback. In the Buccaneers recent past they haven’t been able to beat Case Keenum, Derrick Anderson and now Daniel Jones. Who at the time was a backup and a rookie. If Todd Bowles and Bruce Arians want to change the culture here in Tampa they have to win these types of games.

The Back Up

Kyle Allen has played very well in the few games he’s played. The offensive coordinator has come up with great game plans to keep the quarterback comfortable. Usually calling the plays that Allen is most comfortable running. The Panthers will plan to get the ball out of Allen’s hands quickly and move the pocket to extend plays. The security blanket for Kyle Allen will be Christian McCaffrey. Allen will give McCaffrey the ball quickly and often.

The Back Up Plan

The Buccaneers have to come up with a complex but simple gameplan to defeat the Panthers. Todd Bowles will need to find ways to get Barrett free as well as getting more production from the rest of the defensive unit. If Shaq Barrett was not on this roster this team would have one of the worst pass rushes in the entire NFL.


In my opinion the Buccaneers will again plan to shut down McCaffrey. They will let the young quarterback try and beat them with his arm. The twist to this game is Todd Bowles learns from his mistakes and will make things harder for Allen by playing more physical on the receivers and repeatedly making Allen complete tough throws. So look forward to seeing that defensive front bring it just a little harder and seeing that young secondary to have more if a hands on approach.