Putting it all in perspective


A performance like the one the Buccaneers put on Sunday morning will entice emotion. Obviously, not the warm, touchy-feels kind that brings warmth and euphoria; more the kind of emotion that causes nausea and sleeplessness.

Where do you start when trying to pinpoint the zenith of the epic failure the Buccaneers produced Sunday in England?

First Things First

The Tampa Bay offense looks lost. Either the talent on the offensive line is even thinner than first thought or the coaching staff just doesn’t get it.

Jameis Winston walks to the line and tries to spy the coverage because he knows there will be no time to do so after the snap. The offensive line blocks like a gaseous cloud. You see it. It’s there. But stops absolutely nothing. You can’t evaluate a quarterback when his average time to throw is….NOW!!!

Which Brings Me To…

If Buccaneer fans are to place blame with the highest-paid player then Winston is your man. His $21+ million contract for 2019 is the largest ever paid to a Buccaneer. Take that in for a moment. He’s the highest-paid Tampa Bay Buccaneer of all time.

Right. Now there are quite a few of you who say Winston is a bum. Bucs Report sees your comments and feels your pain. But I say we take a step back for just a second. Let’s not make the same mistake this team has for the last near half-century.


Doug Williams, Steve Young, Vinny Testaverde, Trent Dilfer were all Buccaneer starters at one point. The Buccaneer landscape is littered with quarterbacks who went on and succeeded with other teams. The hardest thing to do in the NFL is to find the right player to go under center. It’s kind of the reason why they are almost always the highest-paid player on the field.


As the Buccaneers head into this bye week, they are trying so hard not to jump to any conclusions. After a meltdown like the last two weeks that starts to be really hard.

The sales banner for the new coaching staff sold us on the need to improve Winston. Now six weeks into the 2019 season, it is painfully obvious for Buccaneer fans that the perspective may have been skewed a little.