Buccaneers go back to the beginning


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers has a longstanding rivalry with its forthcoming opponent, the Tennessee Titans.

The former Houston Oilers host the Bucs Sunday, and when it comes to regular-season opponents this organization is the Buccaneers’ oldest rival. These two teams met up in the Buccaneers’ first-ever regular-season game.

Where It All Began

On September 12th, 1976 the John McKay led Buccaneers would play in the Astrodome against the Bum Phillips-led Houston Oilers. The final score that day was 20-0. I’ll give you 26 guesses as to who came out on top that day.

The Buccaneers would lose all 14 games that season and finish in the AFC West cellar. The Oilers/Titans would finish 5-9 and at the bottom of the AFC Central. The Titans lead the all-time series 9-2.

Something To Hang Your Hat On

So there is that. If just needing a victory after two losses in a row and a bye week isn’t enough. If the offense doesn’t decide to start holding up their end of the bargain before the defense decides to sue for support. If head coach Bruce Arians can’t whip the team into a lather if just to discover what the 2019 Buccaneer identity will be.

There is the fact that this Titans team is the Buccaneers’ oldest rival and lead the series 9-2. They introduced the Buccaneers to regular season football with a 20-0 whooping in ‘76. They also said the Buccaneers stink and their mommy dresses them funny. It’s time for the Buccaneers to take this stuff personally.

Now get on the plane to Nashville. Go into Nissan Stadium on Sunday and push the gas pedal down to full throttle.

This is the first game of the rest of the season. The time for victory is now.