Injury Update: Tight ends


Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians spoke with the media today following Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks. While there are several nice nuggets to pull from what Arians said, here we will talk about the tight end position.


Arians stated he expects to see O.J. Howard (TE) back from a hamstring injury and ready for Sunday’s game. That’s great news, so of course there is bad news.

Antony Auclair (TE) is dealing with a turf toe injury. Not good as Auclair is arguably the best blocking tight end on the team. Cameron Brate (TE) has struggled with a rib injury and while he wasn’t ruled out for Sunday’s game, it doesn’t look good.

Lets assume Auclair and Brate are a No-go tis Sunday, then what? Then the Buccaneers are looking at trotting out Howard, Tanner Hudson and Jordan Leggett. Not ideal in any situation, but definitely not for a team on a 4 game losing streak and an issue protecting the quarterback.


Photo credit: Tampa Bay Times