Buccaneers promote rookie OLB from practice squad


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost two outside linebackers to injuries recently. Carl Nassib (groin) and Anthony Nelson (hamstring). Tuesday the Buccaneers added Sam Acho (OLB) to the roster and Quinton Bell (OLB) to their practice squad. They weren’t done making moves.


The Buccaneers have promoted rookie Khazin Daniels (OLB) from their practice squad to the 53-man roster. Daniels is an undrafted free agent out of the University of Charleston.

Daniels is a great story of overcoming the odds to achieve a dream. As a 5-year old, Daniels was riding a scooter and collided with a pole. The result of that collision left Daniels blind in his right eye. That didn’t deter him nor was it used as an excuse. The 6’4 250 lb linebacker played and excelled at high school and college football without many knowing he was blind in one eye.


Photo credit: buccaneers.com

Video credit: Draft Diamonds